Foodie Friday has begun!

Every week, we will release a recipe that focuses on ingredients found in Lemon & Jinja. It will ease your shopping with us, as you know what you need to get and can focus more on the eating side... Far more important!

So... drum roll please! First up we have...

3-Step Energy Balls

There are SO MANY different ingredients that could go in this recipe, but instead we thought we would stick with the well-known Deliciously Ella recipe. Her recipe requires only 6 ingredients! Simple.

Why do we love these? Well, first of all, they are very versatile. If you don't have an ingredient, it is easy to substitute. If you don't have almonds or almond butter, why not use another type of nut? Add in some prunes or figs to change the taste slightly. Some people like to roll crushed nuts or desiccated coconut on the outside of the balls for added flavour. Cocoa powder for cacao powder... The ideas are endless!

Energy balls are a great thing to carry around with you - this recipe made me 28 balls - eat one or two a day and it could last up to a month! They keep for such a long time, just remember to keep them refrigerated.

The cacao powder and dates cater for those with a sweet tooth - who knew healthy could taste so good...?


- 200g almonds [£2.99]
- 400g pitted dates (it says Medjool but we used the ones from the shop that are already pitted!) [£2.68]
- 44g cacao powder [44p]
- 2 tbsp almond butter [approx. 66p]
- 30g chia seeds [45p]
- 1 tbsp coconut oil [approx. 28.5p]
- 2 tbsp water [FREE]

Approximate cost: £7.50 - bear in mind this lasts a month!

So 25p a day!


  • 1. Put the almonds in your food processor to get them nicely crushed (we kept it going until they were about 0.5cm chunks - easy to roll up into balls)
    2. Add all other ingredients into the food processor and whiz it altogether. It is ready when the contents are sticky.*
    3. Roll the mixture into balls (1-1.5in is best) and pop in the freezer for 30 minutes to harden.

  • *If not sticky enough, add a TINY bit more water (don't add more coconut oil as it will make it too sticky). But don't be fooled - the mixture won't look that sticky but it will be able to roll up into balls.