Originally we had thought that the Lemon & Jinja shop would be open early 2019; it's proving more difficult that we thought! We knew we had a lot to do, but boy, we hadn't realised quite how much!

With many of you asking when and where L&J will open and what exactly we will stock, we thought we'd write a quick post sharing as much info as we can...

Looking around Romsey, there have been many places available, but none that quite fit the bill! They're too small, too dingy / claustrophobic, not accessible enough for everyone, or just too expensive (which is proving the case for most places, sadly!)!

A bit like Goldilocks testing the porridge (organic of course!), nothing is quite right... We have been fighting with many options, working out what would be the best.

A few examples, there is a vacant shop in Dukes Mill, but I have questions regarding the survival rate of small businesses there. Would you visit L&J in Dukes Mill?

Market Place in Romsey... There are a few places around there, however there is construction already taking place in that area... Are you really going to want to visit during this time? Let us know! We would love to know your thoughts on all of this, as we are trying to tick a lot of boxes.

Here's another question, how far are you willing to travel? Is there something you know that might help us?

Now, in the meantime, Lemon & Jinja is starting to take off. We will continue to grow and add more stock. If the premises is taking too long we will begin local deliveries plus click and collect. We know that the food side of zero waste living is more challenging and something everyone is keen to start! So, we are working towards launching this as soon as possible.

We are poised to pay the deposit, providing we find the right place. Location, location, location... As they say! It is all a learning curve! We cannot thank you enough for your support. We very much value feedback and suggestions in these early stages.

Love, Lemon & Jinja X

P.S Right now, come and visit us at the Winchester Vegan Fest, Sunday 20th January. We would love to meet you, so do come say hi and have a chat. We will be Stall 37 in Winchester Guildhall 10.30-15.30. Our first public presence!