We can’t believe we’re already halfway through Plastic Free July!

Plastic Free July Badge

Finding it hard? Or breezing along?

To help you plan ahead for the second half of the month, we’ve put details on our daily deals below.

Week 3 – Summer and Festival Special

Monday 15th: Bamboo Cutlery - Mix and Match 3 items, Get the Third Half Price

At work, the beach, on holiday, in a market – wherever you are – these bamboo cutlery are perfect for lightweight plastic free alternatives to carry in your bag. The spork can even slide easily into a wallet or pocket!

Tuesday 16th: 10% off all Stainless Steel Lunchboxes

Sturdy and easy to clean, these are perfect for your lunches. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes!

Wednesday 17th: Suncream - 10% off

It has been such beautiful weather at the moment. Get those paste-y legs out. Our suncream is both biodegradable and eco-friendly. (To all our vegan customers – we’re sorry but it contains beeswax – we are working on finding a vegan suncream supplier!)

Thursday 18th: Coconut bowls - Buy 2 = 5% off, 3 = 10% off

What better way to upcycle a coconut nut shell, than making it into a bowl! Loads of you have asked us for these and they are finally in

Friday 19th: Bee bombs – Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price

Love effortless gardening? Never have the time to dig around in the soil? Always forget to put out a spoon with sugar water for the bees? Just chuck these seed bombs in your garden/in some grass or soil in your local area and they’ll grow into wild flowers that attract bees.

Saturday 20th: Biodegradable Glitter – Buy 2 = 5% Off, Buy 3 = 10% off

Did you know that normal glitter is made from plastic? Every time you drop glitter, you are putting tiny pieces of plastic everywhere? Biodegradable glitter is all the rage this year! Perfect for festivals or parties, or even just to feel sparkly.

Sunday 21st: Buy a L&J bottle, get the Ecococonut bottle brush half price

Buy new water bottles every time you go out and about? Not only is this bad for environment, and can get pricey, but it’s also bad for your health. The plastic in the disposable bottles is not designed to be used more than once. After time, the chemicals in the plastic are released into the water and you drink them. Now that its sunny, this process of chemical release is quickened due to the sun reacting with the plastic. All this can be avoided with taking a reusable bottle with you and refilling.

Why pay for water if you get it on tap for free? (if you think bottled water is better for you, watch ‘The Honest Supermarket’ on BBC iPlayer and you’ll be surprised).

Week 4 - Food

Monday 22nd: Buy a Jar, then fill it with Fruit and/or Nuts = 10% off the contents

It’s make-your-own trail mix day! Buy one of our jars, and you get a discount on the contents (fruit and nuts only)

Tuesday 23rd: 10% off selected Savoury Snacks

Discounts on the ‘2 Farmers’ compostable crisps, the chilli rice crackers to die for, and our glorious Bombay mix. What’s not to love?!

Wednesday 24th: 10% off Gluten Free range

GF products are always way more expensive! Get on down to grab your gluten-free deals. Offer only on GF pasta, GF plain white flour, Vermicelli noodles, GF rolled oats.

Thursday 25th: 10% off Baking Products

Want to make some bread, or bake a cake? Today is the day to get your ingredients. With 10% off our baking goods, don’t miss this one day offer.

Offer includes: all flours (plain white, GF plain white, wholemeal, strong white, gram/chickpea, spelt), all sugar (demerara, white caster, white granulated, light brown, coconut palm), baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, cocoa powder, cacao nibs and desiccated coconut.

Friday 26th: 10% off Grains

Offer includes rice (white basmati, brown basmati, wild mix and arborio), lentils (puy, red split, green), red and wholegrain quinoa, pearl barley, giant and wholegrain couscous, bulgar wheat, chickpeas, and millet grain.

Saturday 27th: 15% off Beans

Offer includes black turtle beans, red kidney beans, butter beans and white haricot beans.

Sunday 28th: Herbs and Spices – 0-50g = 10% off; 51+g = 15% off

Spice up your cupboard today! Offer is applicable per product, and weight does not accumulate over several different products. All herbs and spices applicable to the deal!