Love the Environment Through Your Swimwear

We love summer and everything to do with it; the sea, surfing, swimming, beaches and bikinis. The thing we hate about it – the amount of plastic we are now seeing in the ocean

How often is it that we tell ourselves....

New Holiday = New Bikini?

or Summer = New Bikini?

Unfortunately bikinis are generally made out of synthetic materials – aka. PLASTIC – which is very hard to replace with a natural alternative in this case.

The swimwear industry accounts for a lot. In 2017, swimwear market size was worth $13200 MILLION. By 2022, this is projected to be worth $15600 MILLION. Imagine how many bikinis this is! But now imagine how much new plastic this is.

Now 2 wonderful women have found a way to tackle the marine plastic issue by helping to reduce the horrific problem of ghost fishing nets, while making beautiful bikinis for you all.

Animals get caught in the nets, and will suffocate, drown, starve, or get eaten by scavengers

For those who do not know, ghost fishing is when fishing gear gets lost, dumped, or abandoned (this can include nets, long lines, fish traps etc).

Animals such as fish, sea birds, whales, dolphins, sharks and turtles get caught in these, which can also attract scavengers, most of which die, and can attract more fish and scavengers which get caught and die, etc. It’s a vicious cycle which needs to be stopped. No-one profits from these catches, and they severely affect our already hugely depleted fish stocks. In addition, they can also smother habitats, and can be a hazard to navigation.

A visual diagram explaining the ghost fishing cycle, from the Olive Ridley Project

There is an estimated 640,000 tonnes (1.28 billion pounds) of fishing gear left in the ocean each year (according to World Animal Protection), which can survive an estimated 600 years in a marine environment. This accounts for about 48% of ocean plastic waste. On average, these can entangle and harm between 30-40% of marine animals per net when left in the ocean.

How can you help? Instead of buying swimwear made of synthetic plastic fibres, you can buy swimwear made from recycled fishing nets. Big brands are doing it now, including Adidas, Volcom and Bureo. But our favourites so far? ...


SeaMorgens is a small company made up of two sea loving mermaids who are taking on the industry like a storm. Being sea lovers themselves, they are passionate about their work. Their ocean inspired eco bikinis are made from recycled ghost fishing gear into beautiful and AFFORDABLE swimwear! Instead of using new plastics in the process of making their swimwear, it is replaced with recycled fishing nets; around 140g for each bikini. Not only this, but they are reversible too! Wanted to take 2 bikinis on holiday? Well with their bikinis you can take one and wear 2 different styles. What’s not to love about them?!

Take a look at their website and order now from their stunning ranges, such as mermaids, blue scales, sea shells and ocean. You want to help where you can? Invest in a good quality piece of swimwear that also is helping the environment.

We love you SeaMorgens – you’re inspirational

Love Lemon & Jinja x