Are those tip jars by the till? No!

Want to know what we do with all the spare change you give us?

You have probably seen our jars: 'Spare change? Goes to Uganda!'. Have any spare cash from your purchase? Don't want the coppers? We will take them. Are they tips jars? No. Are they booze jars? No (we wish!) All the spare change (literally ALL of it) you give us, goes towards a good cause.

Books, books, books...

From the first round up of cash, we bought various books for a primary resource centre in Uganda. We had raised just over £60 before heading out to Uganda - so this is from collecting all the coppers since our opening, March the 2nd until just before we headed out to Uganda, June 20th. We wanted books that were needed & that would make a difference and this is what we came up with.

We donated these books to the Connect Education Centres in Uganda, a project ServeDirect has set up. Why books about plastic and waste? As a plastic free store this is obviously something we feel passionate about. But does it matter in Uganda too? Of course! Environmental awareness is still a relatively new topic in Ugandan schools so we wanted to help to encourage it too.

What and who is ServeDirect?

ServeDirect is a small UK charity set up by a group of friends from the Hampshire area. They rely on volunteers; there are no paid staff or offices in order to keep any expenses to a minimum. They also have volunteers based in Uganda to help oversee and monitor the projects they partner with. Their aim & objective? 'The prevention or relief of poverty and or hardship anywhere in the world by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, healthcare projects and all the necessary support designed to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income, be self-sufficient and the opportunity to reach their potential.' They are involved in various projects; secondary education, a school & community health centre and, most recently, two primary resource centres (Connect Education Centres).

What is a primary resource centre?

Known as Connect Education Centres, they provide primary materials, booster lessons & children's libraries to support surrounding local primary schools. They also provide educational toys & games ('but that's not learning?!') to improve their fine motor skills & cognitive skills. Yes, it's not academic but how easy it is for you to put together a puzzle or lego pieces? To you it's second nature but to someone who has never played with building blocks or puzzles, it's a whole new ball game (no pun intended!). BUT, not only do they support primary schools, they also provide teacher training, helping primary & nursey teachers in the local area. They also offer Saturday and holiday sessions thereby also serving as a learning centre for children who are not able to go to school, for example due to fees or health reasons. Cool, hey!

In their first year, one centre reached out to over 2,000 primary students.

The Connect Education Centre is a unique and innovative concept - the first of it's kind. They encourage the fun of learning by offering access to books, educational toys and activities and provide vital support to local nursery and primary schools for pupils aged 3-14 years. And we are proud to support this.

So what's next?

Well, we are still collecting! Bring in those pesky coppers that weigh your purse down and you can't be bothered to carry around anymore. Any money you give will go DIRECTLY to what is needed. We will continue to support the Connect Education Centre primarily, but will also look into other ways to help. Why don't we help an organisation that works locally? Working with ServeDirect, we know EXACTLY where the money goes (every penny you give goes straight into projects) and trust them too. We have obviously worked very closely with ServeDirect, whilst also getting heavily involved ourselves. We are very passionate about what they do and what they stand for so we love supporting them in any way we can. We do and will continue to support local projects alongside ServeDirect, but in different ways.

Check out ServeDirect here.

So thank you & keep on giving us ya coppers!

Love, Grace & Jesse X

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