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Home compostable crisp bags 150g! 100% plastic free.

✓ No artificial flavours colours or preservatives

✓ Suitable for vegans (Not including the cheese flavour)

✓ Gluten free

Lightly Salted- Lightly seasoned with Droitwich Salt, which is harvested by hand from their natural springs and crystallised using renewable energy.

Salt & Cider Vinegar- Lightly salted and flavoured with our own cider vinegar, made from apples grown in Herefordshire orchards.

Hereford Hop Cheese & Onion-Seasoned with deliciously sharp and sweet Hereford Hop cheese, which is made by artisan cheesemakers Charles Martell & Sons and onions grown on our Herefordshire farm.

Woodland Mushroom & Wild Garlic- Premium hand-cooked crisps flavoured with woodland mushrooms and a hint of wild garlic for a distinctive taste of the English countryside.