Dry Shampoo - Primal Suds

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FAIR ONE: For lighter hair, citrus notes of orange and a slight whiff of mango

BARNET: For darker hair, or chocolate lovers…may need a bit of a vigorous rub in on very dark hair due to lighter natural colour

YOGA FLAME: For red heads or anybody that likes cinnamon

Dry shampoo can be used to stretch out the time between your hair washes, soaking up all that unwanted grease and giving your mop a bit of body whilst ya at it.

Big 200g bags that’ll last bloody ages so not only will you be saving money on your shampoo bars, washing less, you’ll be saving money because your Mop Swap will last long time.

No essential oils are used in the Mop Swaps Dry Shampoos, they are mildly scented with the natural ingredients used though. If you’re expecting a thwack of pungent head scented flamboyance….don’t, these are worker products doing a job in an all natural no fuss tribal wu way.

Instructions for use, scoop up in fingers..rub into roots and hair, shake hair about like a model and go out looking peng while being all naturally primal ya’ll.

Comes in a compostable refillable bag or tins are available to keep your Dry Shampoo in.

All natural ingredients, no synthetics, no animals hurt, vegan friendly and no plastic.