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Reusable Christmas Crackers | Keep This

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Last year, these crackers were so popular, we have brought them back in!

A pack of 6 reusable Christmas crackers. Are you sick of the tat that comes with crackers? Pointless toys and bits that won't be used past Christmas day.

Each cracker is plastic free, wrapped in paper sleeves, packed in cardboard envelopes and sealed with paper tape.

The cracker comes with either a standard snap or ecosnap®. The eco snap is silent snap: suitable for those who are noise sensitive or those with pets who don't like loud noises! The eco snaps are also fully recyclable & compostable.

The ribbons are woven in the UK using yarns made from 100% recycled used plastic bottles.

Not sure what to fill them with?

- Lottery tickets / scratch cards!

- Chocolate (you can suit each guest: vegan, soya allergies etc.!)

- Small bottles of gin (or other alcohol!)

- Small keyrings

- Jewellery

Want some joke ideas? Just ask us!

Grab a pack now & have them for years!