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Lemon and Jinja

Stainless Steel Pint Cup

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  • £8.00
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The Ultimate Solution to Reducing Plastic Cups - we've got you sorted

We love these cups - perfect for travelling, picnics and most importanly.. FESTIVALS!

These food grade stainless steel pint cups are made from recycled steel and are lightweight & durable.

Pint 500ml: perfect for all beers, ciders & ales, your large gin & tonics and anything else!

Also available as a Half Pint 350ml: perfect for prosecco, champagne, gin & tonics and so on!

  • Looks: a stylish satin finish which is only possible using stainless steel
  • Feel: ergonomically shaped and easy to hold, not flimsy and likely to spill the contents with one squeeze, like those stupid single-use plastic cups!
  • Drinking: the rolled lip provides a smooth finish and perfect drinking comfort
  • Oversized: to ensure a full pint - the most important feature
  • Durable: stainless steel is unbreakable and safe
  • Reusable: the cup is dishwasher friendly and stainlesss steel is not liable to abrasion damage preventing possible health hazards, such as bacteria collecting in surface scratches
  • The Drink: stainless steel keeps the drink cooler for longer
  • Nucleation: integrated design to enhance head retention

At the end of its life, the Enviro-Cups are fully recyclable ready to start again – The perfect example of the “Circular Economy”