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Standard Regular | Reusable Pads

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Fed up with that sticky sweaty feeling you get from disposable sanitary pads? Or the fact you must go through SO MANY pads & tampons during ONE cycle, or ONE year? Fed up of paying the tampon tax JUST because you are a woman?!

Mini Dailies & Dailies: We would say Mini Dailies & Dailies are the equivalent of panty liners. Not suitable for your heaviest days, but great for either end of the cycle. Also, great to use alongside the Menstrual Cup, if you’re worried about a little leakage from that. And suitable for thongs!

Why we love these pads:

In all honesty, we were both very sceptical about reusable pads. Were they going to be as effective? Were they going to be too much effort?! How wrong were we!

These pads are some of the comfiest things we’ve put in our trousers since it became cool to wear granny pants again.

And you get to choose what design you wear?! Amazing! Who knew you could look good even when you fall over..! From unicorns to dinosaurs, from Ugandan prints to rhinos, look good even when you’re on your period.

How strong are they?

Regular: more absorbent (contains zorb). Jess wears this during her cycle, but again it is all dependent on you!

Extra Protection: great for heavy flow & night-time. Be aware of the length at night-time – if you want a slightly longer pad then check out the standard pad range too, especially the extra protection.

How do you clean them?

They can be popped in your washing machine at 30-40 degrees. DO NOT use fabric conditioner on them as it will affect their absorption. We rinse them in the shower at the end of the day then pop them in the wash or handwash them & hang to dry. Simple.

What do you wear?

Jess uses her Organicup mostly but has sets of pads for when she doesn’t want to use the cup. 2 x sets of mini dailies pads (thongs!), 1 x set of dailies pads,2 x regular pads & 1 x extra protection pad.

Grace also uses the cup more than the pads but likes to wear both at the same times, sometimes! 1 x set of mini dailies pads, 2 x regular pads & 1 x extra protection pad.

We are now set up for a long time! But remember, it depends on your age, your cycle & how comfortable you are with it all – feel free to message us & we can help customise a set for you.

Rhino Fund Uganda:

Our whole rhino print range is dedicated to Rhino Fund Uganda – they are a sanctuary in Uganda committed to re-introducing rhinos back into the wild. We donate £2 from every rhino product sold directly to the sanctuary.

*NOTE: wear black fleece side up, with the fabric facing down, touching your pants*