Swedish Cinnamon Buns

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Allergens for every flavour: ALL contain GLUTEN and SOYA

Classic with almonds & pearl sugar: gluten, soya, almonds

Vanilla frosting: gluten, soya

Cardamom: gluten, soya

Apple: gluten, soya

Pecan caramel: gluten, soya, pecan nuts

Chocolate pretzel:gluten, soya

Peach melba: gluten, soya, almonds

Strawberry: gluten, soya

Lemon icing: gluten, soya

Biscoff: gluten, soya

Raspberry:gluten, soya

Please note: the surprise flavour may contain nuts and is only confirmed on the day - but is ALWAYS delicious!

Surpise Flavour: May contain nuts! Flavour is confirmed on the day.