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Lemon and Jinja

Toilet Paper | Smartass

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From Smartass themselves:

Carbon Neutral

We track the CO2 emissions generated by our operation, have aggressive yearly ‘rolling’ (pun intended) targets to reduce these emissions, and we offset all those we cannot avoid by buying carbon credits. Supporting worldwide projects that are certified to absorbed CO2.


Bamboo is a strong and sturdy low impact plant, with the ability to grow up to 4cm an hour! It's one of the fastest growing plants on the planet and can be grown year on year with just rainwater and lots of sun, with little wear and tear on soil quality.


Bagasse is a by-product, meaning it comes from the waste of making something else. It's made from the waste products of sugar production, and more specifically, sugarcane. The word bagasse actually means something along the lines of “refuse,” “rubbish,” or “trash.” Sweet, sweet trash!