Frequently asked questions...

What is a zero waste shop?

Zero waste shops offer whole foods in bulk and sustainable reusable items without unnecessary packaging. It aims to reduce the average household's waste significantly through offering 'reuse and refill' options - bring in your own container and fill up with exactly how much you need.
DID YOU KNOW? The average UK household wastes has approx. 30% food waste (find out more here). We can help you reduce your waste, therefore reduce your spending overall!

So.. Should I not use plastic at all?

One of our biggest fears is that when someone starts their zero waste journey, they will chuck out all their plastic items!

DON'T! The thing is, we don't want you to suddenly throw anything and everything plastic away. If you come into the store, we encourage you to use any plastic containers you have! The more the plastics are reused, the better. Try not to get rid of them but to find other uses for them.

I have allergies... Can I shop with you?

Due to the nature of zero waste shopping, it is inevitable that nearly all allergens are present in the shop. Whether this be in the form of the product itself or traces due to the manufacturing process, they will be present.

We do everything that we can to keep allergens separate within the shop and in storage - we have different scoops for all the allergens and several funnels for customers with small containers (we sterilise them if you have allergens); we keep the allergen containing products seperate in the store room, however not in a self-contained area due to lack of storage space.

We clearly state any allergens (provided by suppliers or producers) which are contained in a dispenser.

If you have any servere allergies and would like any further advice, please contact us before your visit.

We aren't saying you can't shop with us, but we need to be aware of the allergy itself & the severity of the allergy.

We would love for you to shop with us!