SALE ON SELECTED ITEMS WITH THE CODE: GIVEME20. MINIMUM ONLINE ORDER: £20. Orders will be ready within two working days. Please check for a completion email. If you require something not online, please message us.
Lemon and Jinja

How Does Click & Collect Work? & How Does Shopping Work At The Moment?

With COVID-19 affecting businesses, we thought it would be best to let you know it is all working at the moment!

We think we are pretty good at social distancing ;)

Social Distancing to the Max!

We have closed off the shop to customers, but you can still shop with us! We have tables outside where we will take your orders and then we will head inside ourselves to pack it for you! If you can, we ask you to order through Click & Collect.

We would prefer you use Click & Collect during this time, as it avoids the time you spend at the shop, and we are able to get it ready before you arrive!

Click & Collect: we are currently packing all orders in paper bags and if we have any liquids on order, we are packing them in donated containers that we have washed & sterilised. We ask you aim to reach a £20 minimum spend online as we are taking into consideration a lot more costs than before! We have limits on certain products (flour mainly!), so please think of others when you order online.

Coming To The Shop: we are still serving from the outside of the shop. You are welcome to pop up & we can pack your orders. We ask that you come with a list of things you want, to save time. If you want liquids in your own bottles, we will chuck on gloves to fill them up for you. Please thoroughly clean them before coming & take off the lids when we serve you, to minimise our contact with your containers. All food will be done in our paper bags.

When Will The Orders Be Ready? Originally we had a 24 turnaround on orders, but as we are super busy, we are suggesting a minimum of 48 hours between ordering and it being ready. For all orders, please do not arrive before 12pm. If you have ordered a variety products as well as a fresh product e.g. bread for Wednesday, we will pack the whole order to be ready for that day. Again, we suggest coming after 12pm on the day it will be ready.

Please respect our health & other customers' health & keep a 2m distance between each customer group.