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Lemon and Jinja

How Does Click & Collect Work? & Can We Come Into the Shop Again?

NB: things are pretty much back to normal! We are excited to welcome you back in store.

We think we are pretty good at social distancing ;)

Social Distancing to the Max!

We have re-opened the shop to customers & are allowing you to bring your own containers*. If you are not comfortable entering the shop, you are still able to place a click & collect order and we can bring it outside for you - just give us a ring when you pop up!

*Containers must be clean & once decanted, you are liable to pay for the goods.

Click & collect: we are aiming to pack our orders in as many donated containers as possible. If you are uncomfortable with this, please let us know when you place the order. We will pack them in paper bags. Any liquids on order will be packed into donated bottles, too. We ask you aim to reach the £15 minimum spend online as we are taking into consideration a lot more costs than before!

Coming to the shop: we have now re-opened the shop, please come and say hi! You are able to use your own containers but they must be clean & dry. Once you have decanted any liquid / food product, you must pay for it during this time.

Lemon & Jinja cafe: we have re-opened our cafe! Are you bored of working from home? You are able to come here & hot desk here. If you sit in the cafe, we will ask to take your detials for Track & Trace, but you are able to use our mugs & settle in with us. We are still offering takeaway drinks, but this is only available if you bring your own cup: a mug from home or a jar will do just the same job, too!

When Will The Orders Be Ready? Originally we had a 24 turnaround on orders, but as we are super busy, we are suggesting a minimum of 48 hours between ordering and it being ready. If you have ordered a variety products as well as a fresh product e.g. bread for Wednesday, we will pack the whole order to be ready for that day.

Please respect our health & other customers' health & keep a 2m distance between each customer group.