Lemon and Jinja

Jinja Coffee

Jinja Coffee is a café within Lemon & Jinja. We aim to be zero waste & plant-based. Our current espresso blend is from River Coffee: Flow

Why not grab a coffee when you are doing your shopping with us?
We do not offer takeway coffee cups & encourage you bring your reusable with you.

Opening times are the same as the shop.

Jimmy working the machine

We offer coffees, tea, hot chocolates & chai latte.

Our treats are supplied by 108 The Bakery & are to die for.

All drinks are suitable for vegans. We are currently working on making our cafe treats fully vegan.

Anya Jinja Coffee

We currently only use Minor Figure's Oat Milk, soon to be organic.

Why Oat Milk? We do not support the Dairy Industry as a staff family and wish to show this in the cafe side of Lemon & Jinja. We will slowly reduce the amount of dairy products that are sold in the shop too.

Of the Dairy alternatives, Oat Milk is the best for the environment (click here for more info) Minor Figures strive to use UK oats as much as possible.

BBC: dairy alternatives