Lemon & Jinja

Lemon & Jinja Biodegradable Glitter

We have our own L&J glitter! Why?

We had become so sick of having to pay a more premium price on glitter, to then have to add a mark up in order to sell it to the consumer. So instead, we went straight to the top & have become wholesalers for glitter! Because of this we are able to sell almost double the quantity for the same price as before! Before we were selling 6g for £6-7 & now we can sell 12g at roughly £8-9, including a glass jar (we can also refill your old jars).

But your glitter isn't vegan?! Why not?

We made the tough, but what we believe to be the correct, decision to bring in glitter that isn't vegan. This is because non-vegan glitter (otherwise know as PURE) is more biodegradable and 100% plastic free. whereas the vegan range is 92% plastic free. To give the glitter the shiny effect, it contains shellac, a waste product of the shellac beetle. This glitter is verified micro-plastic free & has won many awards.

So what makes your glitter so special?

Well... We can mix colours for you! You can choose to have the block colour e.g. blue, green, or we can make up a blend for you! Just send us a message.