Due to the influx of orders, our turnaround time has increased to 48 hours, but it will likely be ready before that. Please check for a completion email. We are having to restrict purchasing quantities, so please keep other people in mind. If you require something not online, please message us. CLOSED FRIDAY 10TH - MONDAY 13TH FOR EASTER
Lemon and Jinja

Shop Food & Drink - Coming Soon

This is a feature we will be bringing in soon! We are finalising some bits & bobs.

We currently offer BULK sales on various items, please see the link below & get in touch.

Alternatively we offer fresh bread on Friday mornings, pre-order online with us now to pick up your fresh bread for the weekend (pre-order up until Wednesday evening for the following Friday, if past Wednesday it will be added to the next week's delivery).

Are you a community looking to cut down your waste? Are you a group of friends who want to save on some dosh?

We now offer various products in bulk, for you! Click on the link below to see what we can offer - if it is of any interest to you please do get in touch via phone, email, the contact form or in person.

List of Bulk Products

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